So bear with me today, I am trying to save a buck by not going to a psychologist and instead I’m using my blog for a bit of soap-box self-analysis. You see, I’m nuts. I have no problem admitting it. I’m nuttier then a Jif & Skippy Peanut Butter cake served at the Planter’s factory for Mr. Peanut’s surprise birthday party. And that’s pretty damn nutty.

I do not see this as an issue because frankly, as loopy as I might be, I am no worse then most of the other human’s walking on the planet. Years ago when I realized that its not just me, I started feeling a whole lot better about myself.  The Human collective has more screws loose than a Kia driving on a dirt road. Everybody is bonkers; we just each have our own way of putting the ‘man’ in to ‘maniac’.

If you don’t believe this, just sit in a busy public place for a few hours listening and watching people. You will quickly learn we all are graduates of a demented Ding Dong school. Our heads are all messed up from lugging around more beat-up baggage then a cross-country Greyhound.  Then we drag our unique wonky perspectives, goofy thoughts and strange beliefs to this chaotic party called life, where we somehow try to muddle through it all together as an organized society. Worse yet, while all this is going on we all know in the back of our heads that no matter how we delude ourselves the only real reward at the end of this roller coaster ride is the heavy specter of death.

Granted we might all be a strange bunch but the scariest people of all,  the ones to really watch out for, are the folks that don’t know they are crazy and assume only everyone else is. But I do not mean to sound bleak about our species. The beautiful amazing stupendous thing is despite all this, at heart, most people are nice, kind folks that really just want to share a little happiness.We keep going. We keep trying.  And that is really crazy!

Please do not take all this to mean I’m a depressed lost soul crying for help in from the digital void.  I will eventually make a point here. It’s just before I do I feel the need to pull aside that little rose colored curtain of illusion and expose that wonderful wizard we all want to believe in, as the well-meaning ordinary dude with a groovy green castle that he really is.

A lot of the world we live in we create ourselves and maybe that is a little crazy but that is okay. If that gets you through life with an occasional smile and a sense of purpose, again, that’s a good thing.  I just prefer when folks don’t go forcing their brand of crazy onto me. I have my own already and that is where the headaches normally start.

With that all in mind, I got home from work the other night tired and burned out. My wife and I have recently had a lot of long days where a lot of other’s people have spent a lot of time shoving a lot of their versions of reality onto us. That makes things very draining and last week it seemed to all boil over like an un-watched pot of pasta that messily spews starchy sticky water all over the stove-top before you get a chance to remove it from the heat.

Sometimes the world overwhelms you and all you want to do is shut your brain off to reality. My wife uses the term ‘flop’. Its when you just need to plop down somewhere, block out the real world and ignore the rest of the planet. This allows you to recharge verses explode or basically removes your brain from the heat before it boils over and you spew something you regret.

Within each of our own little created realities everyone has a different way of  brain clearing.  Some folks read a book, take a walk, play an instrument or go for a drive. My wife sprawls on the sofa playing solitaire-like games on her smarty-phone while non-redeeming cable shows, like the ones that have ‘Housewives Of’ in the title, create a somewhat ignored background din.  I think she’s crazy for watching that stuff but that is her brand of flopping not mine.

My version… well.. you will think it is… ummmm… crazy.  My first choice to clear my brain is to take a walk on a beach. Unfortunately there is not really one of  those nearby and strolling next to a lake, pond or puddle just does not have the same effect. So lately when I want to escape from the real world and reset my brain, I play on the computer. Not games, Not social media. Not ESPN or the rest.  These days to decompress I start searching YouTube for old bad music videos and follow the links wherever they take me. One glance at my music collection and you would know that I have always had an ear for the obscure, odd and downright bad, so this is just the logical next extension.

I doubt there are a lot of other folks that would find relaxation in their little self-created universe from this, but let me share with you what  finally pushed me off the heat the other night from my about to boil over mode to my usual smiling Dofus Dan self.



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Mr DVMP spends his days breathing, eating and sleeping.
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One Response to NUTSO PI-U

  1. dvmpesq1 says:

    Ah, too much monkey business…making love works just fine for me!

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